DISPLEX® Display Scratch Remover / DISPLEX® Display Scratch Removal
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DISPLEX® Display Scratch Remover / DISPLEX® Display Scratch Removal

DISPLEX® Display Scratch Remover / DISPLEX® Display Scratch Removal  
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DISPLEX® Display Scratch Remover / DISPLEX® Display Scratch Removal

Problem: Every cell phone and iPod owner recognizes this situation: You carry your device in your pocket, along with change, keys and other items. Almost unavoidably, after some time little besides scratches can be seen on the screen. Even when protective pouches are used, the screen is scratched during packing and unpacking. What to do?

Solution: DISPLEX® offers an amazingly simple solution for this widespread customer problem. Scratches can be removed quickly and easily with the special polishing paste DISPLEX®. Just apply a little paste to the screen glass and polish the scratched areas with a cotton cloth or a cotton ball - the display will shine in new splendor.

Application: Put a little DISPLEX® paste on the screen. Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with a soft, clean cotton cloth or cotton ball, pressing down hard. Don't polish painted surfaces, but work only on the transparent portions of the screen glass. For deep scratches, repeat the application several times. Tube contents of 5 grams are sufficient for approximately 8-10 applications.

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