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Detailed instruction sheet foils

Instruction DISAGU® FullFlex screen protector film:

1) Clean the display thoroughly. Important: Do NOT pull off the blue cover film! Attach two adhesive strips on top and two at the bottom of the blue protective-film.

2) Precisely align the protective film using the cut-outs and fix the bottom on the cell phone with the two adhesive stripes.

3a) Hold the protective film on the upper adhesive strips, fold back and then thoroughly remove dust off the screen.

3b) Hold the lower TRANSPARENT cover film at the corner that is fixed to the device and peel off the screen. Please ensure that the screen remains dustfree.

4) 1. Hold the protective film on the upper adhesive strips, fold back and hold it in the correct position slightly above the screen WITHOUT contact. 2. Press film evenly, gently and carefully with a credit card or the like.

5) Cautiously loosen the adhesive strips that are fixed to the bottom from the device and NOT from the protective film.

6) Hold the BLUE cover film on the adhesive strips and pull off from the protective film. Important: In order not to cause air bubbles, you should hold the protective film firmly with the other hand so that it sticks on the screen and is not lifted.

Only for: Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

6a) In order to remove air bubbles, pull off the film, up to half of its length and thereafter slowly attach it in a curved form and free of air bubbles onto the display again (roll-on).

7) In case you have dust under the film, lift it carefully and only as far as necessary and dab off the dust with one of the adhesive strips. Finally, you should thoroughly press the edges of the protective film and gently smoothen out any air bubbles with the finger, from the inside to the outside. TIP: Small air bubbles will disappear on their own, within 48 hours!


Instruction DISAGU® and Ultra Clear screen protector film:

Our protection films consist of 2 parts, which are placed one upon the other in 2 layers. On the top the protective film and below the release paper.

Have an creditcard (or similar) and a handkerchief (or similar) at hand before mounting.

1. Cleaning
Clean the display thoroughly beforehand (remove dirt and dust).

2. Detaching 1/3 of the protective display
Detach approximately 1/3 of the transparent protective display film from the release paper. Do not touch the adhesive side!

3. Folding the release paper
Fold the release paper, to which the film was attached, backwards.

4. Aligning the protective film
Hold the beginning of the detached film properly aligned on the appropriate location of your device and press on lightly, so that it cannot slip anymore.

5. Attaching the protective film
Apply the creditcard wrapped in the handkerchief to the beginning of the adhered film. Detach the folded release paper slowly and continuously from the film and simultaneously press the film firmly on with the creditcard.

6. Rubbing the protective display film on
Now use the EC-card (or fingers) to carefully and firmly rub the protective display film on from the centre outwards.

Important note !!!
If a milky lustre is visible after mounting: DO NOT REMOVE THE FILM OVERHASTILY !!! It can take up to 36 hours to achieve full clarity according to the respective display surface.

Instruction Vikuiti™ / Golebo® screen protector film:

1. At first please lay the protection sheet onto your display and assess the desired place before putting it on.

2. Now thoroughly and dryly remove all soil and dust in order that none of it is underneath the sheeting when being applied.

3. Now pull off 1/3 of the transfer foil with help of the flap on the bottom and fold it over.

4. Affix the display protection sheet to the desired place and press it on slightly.

5. Now completely pull off the remaining transfer foil and thereby press on the display protection sheet firmly bit by bit.

6. Congratulations! You have successfully applied your display protection foil and now your display is safe from undesired scratches.

Important tip !!!
Small airlocks (no dust or lint embedment!) mostly disappear by themselves after 2-3 days.

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