2x Disagu FullFlex screen protector for Mpow SW352
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2x Disagu FullFlex screen protector for
Mpow SW352

2x Disagu FullFlex screen protector for Mpow SW352  
° Crystal clear long-term protection due to this %MODEL% FullFlex foil - screen protector fits accurately on curved displays.
° Protects the %MODEL% display from dust and scratches due to a particulary high level of flexibility and reduces the risks of cracks and glass breakage of your %MODEL% display.
° Stains formed by fingerprints and dirt are easy to remove from the %MODEL% FullFlex foil.
° The display image is not affected in any way by this %MODEL% FullFlex foil. The %MODEL% foil guarantees a true to original display rendering.
° The %MODEL% FullFlex screen protector applies 100% bubble-free - the application of the %MODEL% FullFlex foil is explained step by step on the back of the package.
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2x Disagu FullFlex screen protector for Mpow SW352

2 x FullFlex for Mpow SW352

The perfect protection for Mpow SW352 by the Mpow SW352 FullFlex screen protector for devices with a curved display.

Especially suitable is the crystal clear Mpow SW352 FullFlex screen protector for displays with a high-resolution Mpow SW352 display.

A completely transparent and shock-absorbing surface makes this Mpow SW352 FullFlex screen protector an outstanding product and offers almost 100% clarity and hardly no color distortion. Experience intense, natural colors and a crystal clear image with a high level of detail.

The FullFlex screen protecotor for Mpow SW352 is extremely flexible and offers an enormous safity for your display, protects from bumps and impacts perfectly and reduces the risk of scratches and broken displays. The surface is repellent to oil and dirt and thus prevents fingerprints.

The DISAGU FullFlex screen protector protects your Mpow SW352 display ? it will not affect the touch function and gesture based control.

FullFlex screen protector Mpow SW352(2 pieces)

It is only possible to protect the Mpow SW352 device in the centre of its display! With this order you will receive square protective foils - these conform to the inner area dimensions of your display.

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