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Innovative screen protectors, high quality and a very good service. These are the reasons why we are one of Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of Vikuiti™ screen protectors.

Most popular categories (for display protection foils and accessories)

Samsung Galaxy S7 mini
TomTom Spark
Polar A300
LG K7 (Kamera rechts)
Xiaomi MiPad 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
Acer Iconia One 10 (B3-A20B)
Fitbit Blaze
Garmin vivosmart HR
Lenovo Miix 300 10.1 (10IBY)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Polar A360
Wileyfox Swift 4G Dual Sim
Vodafone Smart speed 6 
Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500FN)
Garmin vivoactive HR
Polar V800
Samsung Galaxy S7
Aplus Gv18

Display protection foils are important factors to ensure a device retains its value, as they protect the display against scratches. Apart from this, a display protection foil adds specific characteristics to the unit, e.g., better readability. It’s also extremely important that the display protection foil is itself protected against scratching (hard-coated surface). This ensures that the display protection does not have to be constantly renewed, making sure that the device always looks its best. Really good display protection foils are easy to apply and do not bubble up when applied. Apart from rechargeable batteries, charging stations, memory cards and vehicle charging cables, display protection foils are the biggest selling accessories.

As well as the high quality 3M Foils there are also alternative foils - available quite cheaply - by Golebo. Display protection foils protect the display of your mobile telephone, your digital camera, your gaming console, your navigation unit, your notebook, your MP3 player.

  • Vikuiti ARMR200 display protection foil with dual anti-glare coating (anti-reflection foil)
  • Vikuiti ADQC27 display protection foil with a single anti-glare layer and simultaneously crystal clear
  • Vikuiti DQC160 display protection foil is especially scratchproof and as transparent as glass
  • Vikuiti CV8 display protection foil has a special adhesive that removes scratches
  • Vikuiti HXG38TS privacy display protection foil protects the display against scratches and prying eyes
  • Golebo Crystal Display protection foil is practically invisible and easy to apply
  • Golebo Semi-Matt display protection foil has an anti-glare effect with a silk-matt surface
  • DISAGU Mirror display protection foil turns the display into a mirror at will

There are many display protection foil manufacturers and DISAGU have been one of the market leaders in this sector since 2005. We can produce display protection foils for you using the most modern manufacturing techniques and with short delivery times, e.g., the adhesive between the display protection foil and the support material is non-hardened (meaning that application is guaranteed to be simple and bubble-free). Our display protection foils are constructed with high contour precision, designed exactly to the original specifications, often excelling the manufacturer's original itself!

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